The Gift that keeps on giving

We have hand selected these plants based on ease of care and high demand by plant lovers everywhere. Your recipients will each receive care instructions with their plants, to ensure a lasting life span for their new friend.

With COVID-19 impacting us all, and people are staying indoors and at home more than ever, a gift plant is a great way to brighten someones day and their living space.

Each plant can be personalized with a custom message.
If you have an order with multiple plants going to multiple destinations, or would like to explore adding a company logo to the gift, please contact us with the information below.

Gift Plants

Who corporate gifting is for:

Professional gifting can be a tedious process. Is it too personal? Is it not personal enough? Plants have just the right balance of being thoughtful and appropriate for most giving ocassions. Some examples would be:

- Corporate employees who are tasked with sending gifts for birthdays and promotions.
- Bosses and executives who want to show appreciation for their team

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The PERKS of gifting plants

What's Great About Gift Plants?
  • We ship anywhere in the US

  • Plants can last a long time!
  • Plants enhance our environment, boost our mood, and bring a sense of well-being to our homes. Who wouldn’t love that?

  • We only ship Mon-Wed so your gift doesn't sit over the weekend in a warehouse. We care about a fresh arrival!

  • Hot or cold, your plant arrives happy!

  • Each plant comes with a care card and access to our horticulturists ready to answer any questions. 
  • Gift plants are the right tone for personal and professional gifting.

FaQs. General Information

Where do you ship?

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Can i add a personal message with my gift?

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Will the recipient see my receipt?

No. We send you a digital receipt at purchase and the recipient only receives the plant care card.

how will i know when they receive their plant?

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