About Us

Premium plants that we deliver to your door!

Finding the right plants and then getting them to your office, condo or home is now a simple task!. You no longer have to take the time to go to the nursery to pick out plants, cram them into your car often spilling dirt and damaging the plant. And then you now longer have to lug them into your office or home - Green Oasis is here to to do the difficult part for you!

The average American spends over 90% of their time indoors. We are becoming the "Indoor Generation". But. being in touch with nature is proven to have many positive effects on our moods, productivity and psychological beings. At Green Oasis we are dedicated to making it easy for people bring nature indoors, where they spend their time. If you haven't experienced it, plants make a huge impact to interior spaces and we invite you to try them out! 

Green Oasis Botanical is the retail side of Green Oasis Plantscapes which has provided businesses with an interior plant service for over 10 years now. We are a family business with a location in Austin and in San Antonio. Our connections with interior plant growers around the country, our greenhouses and our delivery vehicles allow us to offer you unique plants delivered right to your door, damage free. 

You can also rely our or growing tips that we provide with each plant. We also have an horticulturalists available to answer your hard questions or even help you propagate plants. We also provide an interior plant maintenance service in commercial spaces should you not have the time to care for the plants yourself.

Our whole philosophy is to make it easy for you to enjoy plants, from selecting plants that will actually grow well in your office or home, to hand delivering the plants ourselves, to providing useful care tips and horticulture advice.