Triostar Stromanthe - Prayer Plant - Gift Plant

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Your prayers are about to be answered with this gorgeous Triostar Stromanthe, a prayer plant just like the Maranta and Calathea. At first glance, this beauty has a striking contrast of variegated leaves but when you look closer you will see the undersides are a hot pink! Prayer plants fold up their leaves at night, and reopen in the morning. This beauty loves humidity and can live happily in the bathroom. 

BE AWARE: This plant is toxic to people and pets. We do not recommend this plant to anyone with pets that like to chew up plants or small, curious children.

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight. Can also tolerate medium light but leaves will not be as variegated. Turn the plant every so often as it tends to grow towards the light source.

Water: Keep soil most but not soggy. Let the first inch of soil dry before watering again. 

Repotting: Repot this beauty every couple of years or when you notice roots growing out of the pot. Peat-based potting mix works best!

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