Satsuma, Arctic Frost - Size L

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The Arctic Frost tree is the most dependable citrus tree out there. It is a product developed in Texas and is bred to be cold-hardy down to 10*F but still produces tasty sweet fruit. The fruit they produce is easy to peel fruit that is about seedless. In the springtime, they will have beautiful white flowers and it is a self-pollinated tree so they will produce with just one tree!

Care: The Arctic Frost Satsuma should be grown in full sun to get the best results. It grows best in well-draining soil or if in a pot citrus soil with a bit of fertilizer and water around once per week depending on your climate. 

Approximate size: 12"w x 3'- 4'h (This tree will grow to larger, and can be pruned to accommodate special size constraints.) 

 As with all plants we sell, this plant will come with care instructions and the option to connect with our Plant Geeks with any questions. 

Collections: Fruit + Citrus Plants

Category: High Light

Type: Unknown Type

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