Sansevieria Laurentii - Size L

Yes, this the plant that is also known as mother-in-law's tongue, (the author of this name remains anonymous). This also is another plant that NASA lists as effective at absorbing harmful toxins from the air. For that and the fact that it's simple to take care of is why we all love this one. This variety (Laurentii) has bright edges to the fronds which I like, there is another variety Zeylanca which consists strictly of shades of green that is also popular.

Care: The Sansevieria is a low light plant although like most low light plants it does quite well in higher light. When watering a sansevieria you want to go easy with it and make sure to let the plant dry out and not sit in water to prevent root rot. 

Approximate overall size L: 18"w x 26"h

As with all plants we sell, this plant will come with care instructions and the option to connect with our Plant Geeks with any questions.


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