Pencil Cactus - Sticks On Fire - Gift Plant

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The Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia Tirucalli, nicknamed Sticks on Fire, is not a cactus but a succulent. It's hard to miss, unique appearance is what draws so many plant lovers to this plant. In its native semi arid regions of India and Africa, it can grow up to thirty feet high. In your home it can grow up to six feet with the proper care. (We have some this big in our greenhouse! We included a photo on this page) 

The white sap that spills out when you break the stem is a poisonous latex. Interestingly, it has been used in natural medicine practices in various cultures to treat illnesses such as cancer, tumors and warts.  

BE AWARE: It's not called Sticks on Fire for nothing, the sap has been known to cause from minor to major irritation of the skin, especially those with a latex allergy. Always use gloves when treating this plant, and wash hands thoroughly afterward.

Not recommended for homes with curious pets or children. 

Light: Requires bright, indirect light. It does not tolerate medium-low lighting.

Water: Water well then let dry. If in doubt, wait another few days before watering. 

Maintenance: Make sure to rotate your plant from time to time, to ensure even growth. This plant photosynthesizes in its stalks, not its leaves, so be sure to clean off any dust.

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