Olive Arbequina

The Arbequina Olive tree is a popular cultivator of olives. The fruit is highly aromatic and has symmetrical bark. The fine leaves of this olive tree make an excellent addition to any patio. Just put it in a container and watch and enjoy its growth. Suited for Zones 8-11, Cold hardy down to 20F in short freezes. As it ages this tree will develop the old-world charm of a gnarled trunk. Old olive trees with their rough, gnarled trunks are a sought after landscape element in up-scale developments. 

Some of our current crop are bearing fruit, when cared for properly and in a sunny location they will likely produce a nice crop fruit next year. The fruit set in springtime and ripen on the tree. Harvest time is October-November.

Care:  Olive Arbequina trees are very easy to care for.  Keep moist but not saturated, watering every three to four days or so until your tree is established, then let your olive tree dry down between watering. Native to Spain, they will tolerate drought once established. Olive trees are exterior trees and produce and grow then best in full sun.

Approximate size: 60'' - 72'' Tall ( This Olive tree will grow larger, and can be pruned to accommodate special size constraints.)

As with all plants we sell, this plant will come with care instructions and the option to connect with our Plant Geeks with any questions. 


Collections: Fruit + Citrus Plants

Category: High Light

Type: Size XL

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