Key Lime Tree - Size L

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Key Lime plants are a fun and rewarding addition to your patio or deck. With the decorative planter option this plant we think you and your family and friends will enjoy watching this guy grow and produce fruit.

Care: Lime Trees are easy to care for when watering water often until the plant gets established and then let it dry out between watering. Like all citrus plants, Lime Trees love full sun and will produce the best when getting full sun. 
Approximate size: 12"w x 3' - 4'h (will grow to larger, can be pruned to accommodate special size constraints. 

As with all plants we sell, this plant will come with care instructions and the option to connect with our team of Plant Geeks to discuss and issues or questions you may have.

Collections: Fruit + Citrus Plants

Category: High Light

Type: Size L

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