King Sago Palm - Gift Plant

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The King Sago Palm, or Cycas Revoluta, is a great match for low maintenance plant parents who still want to spruce up their homes with greenery. It's also ideal for those with allergies, as it has no flowers or pollen. (It actually isn't even a palm, it's a Cycad!) 

Low maintenance, slow growing and incredibly resilient, this is a great addition to any well-lit space. 

BE AWARE: This plant is toxic to people and pets. We do not recommend this plant to anyone with pets that like to chew up plants or small, curious children.

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight. Can also tolerate medium light.

Water: Water it thoroughly then let it dry completely before watering again. It can withstand skipped waterings but cannot survive 'zero' watering. Overwatering is the biggest threat to this monarch among plants. Allow it to fully dry out between waterings.

Repotting: This is one of the slowest growing house plants, it can even stay a bit longer in a smaller plant as it grows. If it starts becoming too top-heavy for it's pot, plant to repot it in early Spring. 

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