Grapefruit - L

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The grapefruit is an iconic citrus fruit that originates out of tropical Barbados. Grapefruit trees produce relatively large sour to semi-sweet, bitter fruit in clusters like grapes. Grapefruit trees will survive in colder climates but they do the best in subtropical and tropical climates. It is best to plant your grapefruit trees in pots to give you the flexibility to relocate your trees in winter months. 

Care: Grapefruit trees are easy plants to care for. Directly after planting your grapefruit tree, you will want to water every couple days till your plant gets established. Then you will want to let your tree dry out in between waterings and water roughly once a week. Grapefruit trees are citrus plants and will produce the best in full sun. 

Approximate size: 12"w x 3'-4'h ( This grapefruit tree will grow larger and can be easily trimmed back to fit your spaces.)  

As with all plants we sell, this plant will come with care instructions and the option to connect with our Plant Geeks with any questions. 


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